• In Their Words

    Who better to put up their hands and tell it like it is than our very own students?

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Year 4

"I think PVNPS is the best school because if I ever need help I feel fine to tell a teacher or helper and they make everything better! "


Year 1

"I like it when I do Art, Sport, Music and Italian. I like it that I can learn an instrument at school"


Year 2

"I love Art and Music. The teachers are very patient. My favourite is Miss Lytton."


Year 6

"At PVNPS we all get along and take care of our environment. We are a school with no bullying and excellent behavior. The teachers bring fun into learning and we have great equipment outside. We are known for great bat tennis and it’s true, we have amazing bat tennis players. We are a very sporty school and play all the usual sports. Our motto describes us well and we all follow it. "


Year 6

"The teachers at PVNPS are very helpful. They enhanced my skills to be a proud competitor of Hot Shots State level competition in 2019 "


Year 1

"The school is very big and the teachers are very nice. I love after school care because we play a lot of fun games."