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    Our mantra ‘Let’s Learn Together’ is fundamental to our approach to working with our students.

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School Profile

Pascoe Vale North Primary School is an exceptional Government Primary school with 420 students and over 40 staff. We pride ourselves on having a supportive culture whereby everybody is valued. Our community if important to us. Pascoe Vale North Primary believes that the education process is a joint responsibility of the school and home, and seeks to involve parents in their child’s educational program.

Our mantra ‘Let’s Learn Together’ is fundamental to our approach to working with our students and their families and we are committed to the academic and personal growth of every student. Our motto ‘Rise to Excellence’ establishes a high focus on learning which embodies challenge and risk taking.

A focused curriculum dedicated to innovation and Wellbeing is a priority. Our partnership with the ‘Resilience Project’ along with Respectful Relationships and an attention to mindfulness with daily meditation, allows us to ensure that our focus is based around developing students who have skills for the development of their own wellbeing and having skills to deal with a changing world.

The school entrance
The school entrance


Pascoe Vale North Primary School has outstanding facilities and is a well-established learning community with carefully selected and trained staff. We have expansive outdoor playground areas and high quality classroom facilities.

The buildings are modern, with heating and cooling, and grounds are in excellent condition through a maintenance program along with school council run working bees. There are 2-designated adventure play areas, a large sand pit, an indoor multi-purpose room, external basketball court, five bat tennis courts, a naturally grassed sports oval, outdoor performing arts stage (used for whole school assemblies and school concerts), a vegetable garden area, garden spaces for imaginative play, 2-day a week Kid’s canteen.

Our outside play areas have been extended now with additional cubbies, new playground equipment to come soon and greater playground decals on the concrete to further engage our student when outdoors.

Pascoe Vale North Primary is a digitally advanced school with most services on-line (newsletter, canteen orders, parent meetings, etc.) with the system COMPASS. The school has a well-resourced Library in which students attend according to the timetable with their classroom teacher. We provide all classrooms with extensive technology devices, iPads and notebooks, which are used to enhance the Victorian curriculum as a useful 21st century learning tool. Students in years 1-6 can participate in the BYOD ( Bring Your Own Device Program) and bring a suitable netbook to and from school daily as an instrument for learning. There are lockable cabinets for devices when the students are not using them.

The school library
The school library


Our aim is to challenge students to be the very best they can be. Our role is to help every student reach their full potential through setting personal goals and to encourage risk taking for personal growth.

Whilst English and Maths are a priority, developing student’s curiosity about learning is integral in their development. The skills needed for the 21st century, which support a love of learning that goes beyond the classroom, are actively embraced by our school. The ‘Discovery Learning’ program allows for teachers to teach a scope and sequence curriculum based on civics and citizenship, sustainability, History, Geography. Students have the opportunity to explore their own questions within these learning areas and work with others on investigations of research and inquiry.

Prep Students have a Discovery Learning Play based room with the school whereby teachers create opportunities based on the developmental domains of cognitive, physical, social, emotional and language development.

Our school have developed Scope and Sequence planners for English and Mathematics that clearly outlines what needs to be taught at each year level during each term. The school has a process for reviewing this yearly.

At Pascoe Vale North Primary School we have a strong emphasis on Literacy success for all of our students. We cater for all students by implementing focused teaching groups with opportunities for extension and support. Reading and Writing sessions occur every day of the week.

Mathematics lessons run from Prep to Grade 6 and include all components of the Victorian Curriculum with particular attention to the four proficiencies: Reasoning, fluency, problem solving and understanding.

The school uses the Workshop Instructional Model for English and Maths lessons. This is consistent across the school. This teaching model allows for learning intentions to be provided and a success criteria established. The teacher explicitly runs a whole class mini lesson and then allows students to undertake some individual learning tasks, while they conduct a teaching group session. Then at the end of the lesson, the whole comes together to reflect on their learning.

Formal and ongoing assessment is essential for providing students with feedback and goal setting. We have a whole school schedule for assessment and data collection which informs teachers for their teaching and learning plans for students.

Parent formal communication is undertaken four times a year:

Informal communication can be undertaken at anytime with contact made buy the parent or the teacher via phone call, messages via email or notification via email through COMPASS. Parents can also see teachers before school or after school.

Individual Education Plans are created for students who are funded under the program for students with disabilities and student support group meetings with families to discuss these plans are organised per term.

Play area and sandpit
Play area and sandpit

Staff Professional Learning is an ongoing priority to ensure that our teachers are at the forefront of innovation and current research for best practices. Staff at PVNPS, value new learnings as opportunities for self and student growth.

We offer a vast range of Specialist programs for all students. This includes: Physical Education, Perceptual Motor Program for Preps (PMP); Visual Arts; Music/Performing Arts (including additional instrumental music classes) and STEM ( Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics) and Auslan is being taught by classroom teachers via an online program (LOTE).

Homework is an expectation at Pascoe Vale North Primary, however this is kept to a minimum to ensure that students are gaining essential skills but have valuable family time. Homework is reading, spelling and some basic mathematical concepts.

At Pascoe Vale North Primary School we appreciate and encourage parents to help in our Literacy Block and offer a Classroom Helper’s Program to all of our parents at the beginning of each year. All visitors and helpers into the school must have a valid Working with Children’s Check and a copy of this is kept on file at the office.

The school strives to provide the best learning opportunities for all students.

Classrooms and mini tennis court
Classrooms & mini tennis court